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Monday, February 16, 2009


I have been thinking a lot lately about my kids education. I am reasoning myself out of my mind. I have never wanted my kids in public school, not that I think the education is bad, it's the "extra" stuff I don't like. There is way too much social indoctrination in public schools now and more and more they are having to cater to the least common denominator in the class. I am aiming to private school some day, but financially we're not there.

Here is what I know. I am a fan of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. I have thought long and hard about homeschooling, but it wouldn't work. I don't have that kind of patience, my son doesn't have the personality, and we are a bit too much alike. It would be nothing but unproductive head-butting. I want him to have really intensive science and math courses, because he is really interested in the subjects, but I don't want to lose the arts and other topics. I (and Jason will be happy I wrote this) also want the standard stuff like sports.

Options for next year???
1. Stay in the public school --
Pros -- close with easy carpooling, he's used to it, I'm used to it
Cons -- the above pros feel like a big cop-out, Due to the boundaries included in
the school there seem to be quite a few "least common denominators" in
each class, mostly due to the parent/family/social situations, the
science/math programs so far have not seemed particularly strong

2. Magnet School -- There are a couple around. I have particularly looked at a science/math magnet school that wouldn't be that bad of a commute.
Pros -- strong science and math, really good school...their stats are awesome and
they get the kids involved in a lot
Cons -- Do I really want his education that focused? What if he's also awesome at
music, history, or something else? Sure this place teaches those subjects,
too, but likely not as much or as encouraging. No real sports/PE programs,
Also - and this is shallow, I know - looking at the brochure, the kids look
like geeks. He makes me hesitant. I want my kids to be well-rounded and
socially adept.

3. Charter school -- There is a new charter school opening nearby. It is an IB program.
Pros -- I like the IB, it is not too far, a lot of the LDS parents around here are
applying, more rounded education without focus in any particular area
Cons -- Unsure if the education is as intensive, Right now, Only goes up to 5th
grade (not that I even know where we'll be 5 years from now), It's new, so I
don't have stats or other parents to talk to,

Like I said, I'm stuck. What do you think? What are your education plans for your kids? Am I being way to Type A/obsessive stressing this much about it in Kindergarten? I don't know. It seems better that thinking about it later on and missing some opportunities or having him not as far along as he could be. Dilemma...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Determined Mommy....

Don't resist....I'm going to catch you this time....

You're trying to stop me, but learn now....Mommy will win....

Hmmm....Closer, Closer......

Almost there.....

Gotcha!!! Finally, I caught a big huge Alyssa smile on camera!!!!

Thank you for your cooperation.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Feeling Teary-Eyed.....

The following took place while cuddled together in Abrielle's bed tonight....

Me: So what was your favorite part of your birthday today?
Abrielle: Guess....
Me: Mommy painting your fingers and toes pink?
Abrielle: Nope.
Me: Your pink cupcakes?
Abrielle: Nope.
Me: Chick-fil-a?
Abrielle: Nope.
Me: Your present?
Abrielle: Nope.
Me: All of your phone calls?
Abrielle: Nope.
Me: Birthday candles in your macaroni and cheese?
Abrielle: Nope.
Me: Ok...I give up. What was your favorite part of your birthday today?
Abrielle: (With that "duh" look...) Just having my family with me!