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Friday, October 24, 2008

The Young and Jaded....

Ok, so I'm still having technical difficulties, so no pics, but I had to get this off my chest. Carsten lost his first tooth yesterday. He has been complaining of it hurting all week and yesterday it was so loose I told him I could probably just pop it out of there. (I was half joking.) He, however, was intrigued and told me to "go for it." Yes, that's a quote---"Go for it." So I reached in with a paper towel (because that's what my dad did), gave it a little wiggle and twist, and out it came. We then held pressure on the hole for minutes (man did that little thing bleed) and called the grandparents and dad. I then proceeded to remind him to put it under his pillow tonight for the tooth fairy.

"Mom, the tooth fairy's not real." Gasp, skipped heartbeat, halting of the universe.
"Of course the tooth fairy is real."
"No it's not mom."
"Why do you think the tooth fairy isn't real. Did someone tell you that?" ('cuz if they did, boy am I going to let them have it....)
"No, I just know it in my head. The tooth fairy isn't real."

Long pause......

"Carsten, the tooth fairy is just as real as Santa Claus." (This was said in the my most firm and resolute voice.)

His response...pause, smirk, walk away.....

What would you have said? This is my first child and his first tooth. What about the far reaching implications this could have---the Easter Bunny? Santa's Elves? the Great Pumpkin? the Monster that takes toys that aren't put away at night?

Monday, October 20, 2008

What the Tech????

So....I know you are all anxiously awaiting for photos of my sweet little Alyssa, however......I am currently encountering technical difficulties. My sis-in-law Deana was kind enough to let us borrow her super nice digital video/still camera to record every moment of Alyssa's first month, but I don't have the books on how to download everything onto my computer. I keep trying to schedule my personal tech assistant (Jason) for the job, but it just hasn't happened yet. So...until then I will tell you what I love about my Alyssa!!!

1- She has the brightest, most alert eyes EVER!!! Even when she was first born, her eyes have been bright!!!

2- When she is in the state between sleep and awake, she makes the sweetest and silliest facial expressions--usually including a big huge grin which seems like a preview of grins to come and gets me excited.

3- She loves to be held. Ok, so this one also frustrates me sometimes, because I really do mean it. She LOVES to be held---as in she frequently HATES to be put down. But when I hear about friends who swear their babies weren't cuddlers and didn't really like to be held and snuggled, I am really grateful for all the snuggling I get to have, everyday, at all hours of the day and night, while trying to multitask and make dinner/dress toddlers/pack lunches/brush my teeth/apply deodorant.........

4- Her spit-up doesn't stink. If you have ever had a baby with reflux you will also appreciate this. Carsten and Abrielle both had reflux as infants and the smell can be pervasive. Rotten curdled breast milk smells roughly like rotten eggs. However, my sweet Alyssa's spit-up does not seem to stink if less that 24 hours old (don't take a whiff of the laundry hamper) and I really appreciate that given #3 above. She spends a lot of time near my nose and all I get is sweet baby scent.

5- She makes me a quieter person. I can't yell at my other kids when she's in my arms and does not like the loud noise. I have found myself yelling a lot less, especially during the dreaded bedtime rituals.

6- She makes me remember where we came from. Just a few weeks ago her spirit was in the pre-existence. I think she was excited to come to our family; that she was anxious to have a body, that she was nervous to leave the beauty and peace of heaven. I also think about how much she was relying on us to teach her and help her return.

7- She has long curly eyelashes. They really frame her bright eyes and...Gorgeous!!!

8- She brings out the soft and calm side of Carsten. Yes, said calm. He'll sit and hold her hand for hours. He naturally lowers his voice when he's close to her. He's the best big brother ever!!!

I will have to post more later---Alyssa must have sensed I was blogging about her and is demanding my attention. I had the nerve to put her down so I could type with two hands.