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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Forever and Ever and Ever and Ever and Ever......

There is a very bad thing about having your children early. Ok, so medically speaking there are a few very bad things. But psychologically speaking for subsequent pregnancies there is one very, very bad thing........if that one goes to full term you are pregnancy forever!!! Carsten came at 35 weeks, Abrielle was 36 weeks. I am now at 38 weeks and counting. My feet are having a competition with my belly to see who can get the biggest (score 1 for the feet today) and I'm getting a little irritable. Ok, a lot irritable, but only after 5:30 pm. It's my witching hour. Watch out. I will post comparative pics soon so we all can have fun.

On the good side, the kids are getting sooooooo excited for the baby. When the doctor walked into the exam room today, Abrielle looked him right in the eye and said in her stern little estrogen laced voice "Are you gonna get that baby out today?"

Friday, September 12, 2008

I Don't Like Ike!!!

My husband has accused me of praying for hurricanes to hit Houston this year so some of my friends would come visit. I would just like to say this is not true. I am in no way responsible for the 200 mile wide swath of fun heading your way. If I was, I would never have named it Ike. It would be something far more creative and harder to make a rhyme out of ... like Ichabod or Ignatius.

To further my defense, it would also be rather silly of me to pray for hurricanes in Houston, since we still own a house there. A beautiful 2 story on a corner lot at the entrance to the subdivision with nothing by fields and rural what-nots behind it. Also known as a "storm-shield" for the rest of the neighborhood, or so my neighbor said during Hurricane Rita. Figured his one story across the street (towards the inland side) was quite safe as our house would block anything blowing his direction. I didn't not think he was funny, but then perhaps he wasn't trying to be. For now, good luck to everyone hunkering down for their own private hurricane parties. (Enjoy your "Emergency Food" Emily!!!) We are praying for you!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Where'd we go......

So, I'm not the best, most consistent blogger around. No one should be surprised considering it took me about 1 year of "I should do that today" plus many friends prodding to even get this far. Not to mention a pregnancy in need of creative announcing.

Just so you know, we have not dropped off the proverbial edge of the earth. We are still in Round Rock, far from the edge, though on some days I feel a little closer than other.

So to update you all, here is a quick summary of the last few months.

My original OB/GYN was, shall we say, less than stellar and really let my Thyroid get screwed up, which landed me on the couch for the 1st 3 months of this pregnancy due to exhaustion. Fired her. New OB/GYN is awesome. I've referred 6 people to him. BIG FAN!!! Now off the couch I have been enrichment committee chair and planned 4 activities this year. Carsten was in a home based preschool which I taught about 2 days a month. Abrielle is dancing and singing through it all. Summer time was spent trying to keep cool (Record temps!!!) and doing a few fun things around Austin. Carsten has now started Kindergarten. Abrielle is lonely without him and told mommy she wants the baby to come now to play. Jason has been working....and working... and working, pausing only for meetings as 2 weeks ago he was called as the 1st counselor in the Bishopric of our newly formed ward. We say hi to him as he exits every morning, except when he leaves too early, then he claims to give me a kiss, but I'm unconscious still, so I can't confirm that. The lease is up on the house we initially moved to, but with everything going on, we just don't have the time or energy to put into buying a house, plus the cities we were planning on moving to around here are now off the menu since the Stake Presidency "strongly counseled" us to stay within the new ward boundaries (see the bishopric thing above). There aren't a lot of places in the new ward I know enough about to want to move to, so we are renting a different house and will be moving 10 houses down the street at the end of the month. (Before baby, after baby, during baby, who knows.) Tuesday I spend 4 hours in the hospital with everyone thinking labor was starting, but then it stopped. Now I'm home again timing contractions. Carsten LOVES Kindergarten. He loves running around at recess with his new friends...except for today when two of them collided and Carsten fractured his clavicle. He is now in a sling, which Abrielle is obsessed with and keeps patting. Patting the sling of a fractured clavicle does not feel very good for the fracture-ee. Mommy has declared it a movie night. It's possible that we're having cold cereal for dinner. That about sums it up for now. I will really try to be better about the blogging, but......... : )