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Friday, September 12, 2008

I Don't Like Ike!!!

My husband has accused me of praying for hurricanes to hit Houston this year so some of my friends would come visit. I would just like to say this is not true. I am in no way responsible for the 200 mile wide swath of fun heading your way. If I was, I would never have named it Ike. It would be something far more creative and harder to make a rhyme out of ... like Ichabod or Ignatius.

To further my defense, it would also be rather silly of me to pray for hurricanes in Houston, since we still own a house there. A beautiful 2 story on a corner lot at the entrance to the subdivision with nothing by fields and rural what-nots behind it. Also known as a "storm-shield" for the rest of the neighborhood, or so my neighbor said during Hurricane Rita. Figured his one story across the street (towards the inland side) was quite safe as our house would block anything blowing his direction. I didn't not think he was funny, but then perhaps he wasn't trying to be. For now, good luck to everyone hunkering down for their own private hurricane parties. (Enjoy your "Emergency Food" Emily!!!) We are praying for you!!!

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Bill and Mel said...

Hahahaha! Too funny! Our power is back!!! :) I'm off to Kroger today to get some milk and cheese and all that fresh fruit we've been missing the last few days! :)

Hope you're not getting too uncomfortable. Are you going to post a picture of you before you pop?! :)

Thanks again for checking up on us and offering a place to go. We still have lots of time here, so I can't help but think we'll have this happen again sometime. (Now that's something to look forward to!) :)