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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer in a Blog-Shell....

So now that Mono-Man (the husband, not the contagious not-so-super-hero) is back in action, I am playing lots of catchup. So hold on and warm up your scroll finger.....

Cute. The only reason I included this picture. It's just cute. She has the best eyes!!

My little fish. She is soooo happy in the water. I have to keep the bathroom doors closed or else she will climb in the bathtum and yell at me to turn it on. This is her private jacuzzi (formerly know as sandbox). No one over the age of 10 months is allowed inside, much to their complaint (not like there's room). It is really best for everyones safety, not to mention mom's sanity.

Brushy Creek Splash park -- did I mention she is a fish (amphibian at least). This was her first time at the splash park. The other babies, even those quite a bit older, were clinging and crying "oh, don't let the water get me!" My little Lissie? She pretty much jumped out of my arms and crawled around on the warm rough cement(!!!) laughing at all the water.

She especially thought it was funny that she could put her leg on the water spout and make it stop....

......then move it and get splashed in the face.

Awww....the last day of school. Ok, so this is reaching waaaay back. Probably doesn't even count as summer catch up, but, hey, it was already hot and school getting out is the semi-official start of summer, right??

Saying goodbye to his classroom....

Mrs. Schmitt....I LOVED his kindergarten teacher. She is so talented, especially at really recognizing he kids strengths and weaknesses and finding out why the weakness are weaknesses. She them puts tons of effort into strengthening them. All this and fun and patient, too. We will miss you Mrs. Schmitt. Poor 1st grade teacher has some high expectations...

The official last report card with the "OK" for 1st grade. Yeah Carsten!!!

Victoria. CARSTEN'S Victoria.....I heard the full report of her every action every day. Victoria's mom heard the full report of Carsten's every move and word every day. They had to be kept on completely opposite sides of the classroom to be productive. The teacher had to remind them that we keep our hands to ourselves and don't need to hold our neighbors hand during story time and stations.

Not bad, Carsten...She is cute and sweet and smart and polite and has great parents. I approve....but couldn't we wait another decade or so???

It is very important for big brother's to teach their baby sisters important skills. Like sword fighting with a wooden spoon. Very important stuff!!!
"En Guard!!!"

Did I mention the fish? (Or amphibians given their dual activity in pools and spray parks.) Cute, Cute, Cute!!

Sunday walk in the park. I believe it was mono-man's first real adventure outside (except for his every other day runs to the RedBox...mono-man caught up on his movies). Lissie LOVES stroller rides!

Yes, you can ride a motorcycle in a dress. You can do anything in a dress, and it's a good thing, because that is ALL she will wear...dresses or skirts. And usually pink, although we have branched out into purple now (see the purple stripe? That made this acceptable attire.)

The closest pic I could get of Mr. Speed demon. It's amazing you can actually see him given all the dust in his wake.....

My Baby Girl. Ok, so I realize she is not a "baby-baby" anymore, as Abrielle puts it, but she is still my baby. She is so sweet and loving and has the best nature. She is very easy-going and curious and does not want to stop. She loves to crawl around the house discovering new things, until nap time, then she will crawl to me and lay her head down on my feet or knees. Talk about easy-going...give them girl "Lila" her purple singing baby and her silky blanket (Thanks Aunt Heidi and Fam) and, of course, her thumb and she is down and happy. I love you Lissi....

At last but not least......

The Fam!!! You have no idea how long it took to get this picture. I think this was the 50th take. Amazingly, everyone is looking in the same direction and no one is trying to crawl away. Given that Carsten and Abrielle look scared and stiff, I must have threatened something pretty big. And yes, Mono-man IS glowing. This was the first Sunday he ventured back to church and he was still grossly anemic. He's pinked up a bit now.....

So there you have it....Our summer in a nutshell (or blogshell, as the case may be.....) Next adventure!!! ROAD TRIP (Enter Tom Cochran music here......)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Random Thoughts that Muddle the Mind....

-Is there some sort of classification in between SAHM and working outside of home mom? I feel a little lost in Nowhere Land.

-Why doesn't anyone ever abbreviate it WOHM? Working moms are busy and need abbreviations, too.

-When feces was found on the floor, why were my kids totally serious when they asked me if it was mine? (For the record, it was not...It was Alyssa's.)

-Why do some let their kids watch Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, Power Rangers, Transformers, and all the Disney movies full of violence, magic, spells, and evil witches, yet are shocked and indignant when finding out my son has watched the 1st three Harry Potters?

-Why can't the same people believe that Sponge Bob is banned at our house?

-Why are my kids not into "Matilda?" I love that book and they just aren't feeling it.

-Why can't drug companies, insurances, and politicians become truly altruistic?

-For that matter, why can't my kids do the same on house cleaning day?

-Why does my husband think a clean floor equals a clean house? All items off the floor (relocated to the counters, couches, tables) and some vacuum marks and voila!! (He totally gets points for his efforts.)

-Why can't people be more vocal in their love and praise? Wouldn't we all feel better? I have a brother-in-law who is constantly tellling/facebooking/emailing/communicating how awesome he thinks his wife is (she is!) and how much he loves her and his kids. What a lucky wife and kids. You rock, James! I really admire that about you.

-Why doesn't MaltOMeal have more fiber?

-How did the Summer go by so fast? And why does it feel like there hasn't been a summer? (OK, I know the answer that that last one. Between Mono-Man and the record setting heat wave which has kept us indoors lest we spontaneously combust, this summer has been a bit of a drag. Here's to Autumn!)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


(Carsten yelling from the backseat)

"Mom!!!! Abrielle is mixing my brain up with her brain and I just don't like it at all!!!"

Abrielle's response? "Mwoh, ha, ha....." (Evil laugh)