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Saturday, March 1, 2008



aka "Karate Man"

(yes, that is a 2nd place medal he is wearing)


aka "Pretty Princess"

Sweet, Sassy, likes chocolate milk and bananas


aka The New Kid

apparently likes bland food, cold cereal, and long naps


Tamara said...

Congratulations!!!! Let's get together soon- We may be moving to CP in the next couple of months...will keep you posted. You do the same-

Pratt said...

Congratulations!!!! We can't wait to have another cousin!!

Gus said...

Great! Wonderful! Just what all Nana's want to hear! If this one is as cute and loveable as Carsten and Abrielle -- what more can I say -- JUST WONDERFUL!!!! Lucky little guy or gal to come into your family. Hope Mommy is feeling pretty good and taking care of herself. When will Carsten and Abrielle little brother or sister arrive? I guess that is a stupid question since Carsten came so early and Abrielle took her time. So what is a good guess when the new "partner" will come out to play? Love you guys!! We are excited!!

Gus said...

We are so happy about the new grandbaby. I bet Carsten and Auby are bouncing off the wall. The will be a great brother and sister to new baby. We are proud of all of you. Shelly, take care of yourself and Jason, take care of Shelly. We love you.


Bill and Mel said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!! We just talked and you didn't even tell me!!! :) Congratulations! So were you really sick the time before when we talked?! How far along are you? How are you feeling? When's the date? I need to call you again now just to get all the baby info. :)

Congrats again! We're so excited for you!

And I can't believe how big Carsten and Aubrielle look! Wow! It's amazing how much kids can change in 6 months! I'm so glad you FINALLY started this blog! :) Soon you'll be posting prego belly pictures too! :)

Bria said...

Congratulations Shelly!! You and Melanie are making me feel like I should be pregnant now too. Don't worry, I'm not. I am sure Aubrielle would love to have a younger sibling. Good job to carston for winning the medal. Hope everything else is going well and hopefully we will get to see you again before we move from Texas. :)