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Monday, April 19, 2010

Really, we're OK.... Part 1

I find myself saying this a lot lately. Usually to faces oozing with disbelief, pity, confusion.....

Why you ask?

A few weeks ago, I went for my weekly run to that mailbox (I see no point in going more frequently), and found an odd looking letter addressed to "occupant." Now, usually this would go directly to the shred and recycle pile with the other junk mail, but this one just looked different. Plus, the day before, I had an attempted delivery notification on my door for a certified letter also addressed to "occupant." Being the "occupant" I was curious. So I opened it.

It was a lovely letter notifying us that we were to move in 2 weeks.

You see, we have been leasing a house since moving to Round Rock. We still own our home in Houston (and are leasing it out) and we've been waiting to figure out exactly where we wanted to buy or build. The plan was to buy/build this summer.

But, apparently, the owner of the house we have been leasing has not been using our rent money to pay his mortgage. Or any other money to pay his mortgage. In fact, he apparently has not paid his mortgage for a long time. So he was foreclosed on, and the bank now owns his house...our house. And they don't want to lease it and wanted us gone, like, yesterday.

(Insert tender mercy here------neighbor came by just after I opened the letter. Poor thing was greeted at the door by a slightly shaken Shelly saying, "I just really need a hug right now...." Hug given, and I pulled myself together. )

After much negotiation, we were able to stretch things out a bit more and are moving this Friday. Where, you ask?

To a 2 bedroom, 1129 square foot apartment. Current house.... 4 bedroom, 3000 square feet.

No, really. I'm serious. Really, I'm serious.

Why would we do such a thing, you ask?
#1 It's only temporary--6 months max
#2 No one around here would lease a house with less than a 12-15 month lease
#3 It's close....same ward, same school boundaries, same friends, same babysitters
#4 If you're going to uproot your kids unexpectedly, you might as well make it fun. We're basically moving to a hotel...2 pools, 2 spas, mini-theatre, 2 lounges (one with a wall of 3 TV's --- don't even get Carsten started on the possibilities there), park on site, billiards, shuffle board (new fave of the kiddos) They are wondering why we ever lived in a house when THIS kind of place was available.
#5 Because I don't like 3000 square feet. Really, I don't. I don't like cleaning it. I don't like having my family so spread out all the time. I don't like the stuff that spreads out to fill it. I don't like having to yell just to talk to someone in the next room. (I do love my kitchen...I will miss my big kitchen).
#6 Because since the beginning of the year, I have felt an overwhelming need and desire to simplify...and what could be simpler than getting rid of 2/3 of your stuff and moving to a smaller, easier to maintain space.

So, really, it all sounds rather traumatic, but we're OK....Really....


Sam and Bria said...

Wow! Change is always a good thing. Just think about how much stuff you can get ride of when you move. That is always my favorite part about moving. I don't know what I will do when we finally settle down somewhere. Good luck!

Big Bahama Mama said...

Because you just didn't have enough going on...
Hang in there!

Bill and Mel said...

Holy cow Shelly!! I can't believe it. Why don't you just come back?! :) We're here for two more years still! :)

I wish I could help...good luck.

Irish Cream said...

Positive thinking is awesome! You will be efficiently economized. And, apartment living is the best! Especially with the amenities you've mentioned. Really, I loved it when we moved from our house (3 BR 1500 sq ft) to our apartment (1 br 1 study 1 bath, 1000 sq ft).

Although, I only had two kids at the time. Three might make it more.... well... interesting? Thank GOODNESS you'll get to go outside! :)

Are you still working?