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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm Back....With a Little Poetry

I know I haven't blogged forever. I have excuses. We moved to a new house that was a very blank slate and has consumed much (all) of our time with renovations and decorating. Add to that childbirth (c-section -- UG!!), unexpected stays in the NICU (for Greyson) and ER for(for me), starting school, going back to work, teaching seminary, laundry, meals, etc, etc, get the idea. Blogging took a backseat. But I vow to be back and to keep up with everything going on and, at the least, record the birth of Greyson aka Doodle. (Not a manly nickname, I know...I'll come up with something else before he gets too big.)

Until my full return, however, I leave you with a poem by Carsten. Ahem....

rn! rn! rn! goes the Alarm.
vroom! vroom! vroom! goes the Vehicles.
Boom! goes a Building.
BOOSH! goes a gun.
"Roger that" goes a spy

And that is the CIA.

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