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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pretty Princess Has a Birthday

Unbelievable enough, Abrielle turned 6. That just sounds old to say. 6. How is that so much older that 5? It doesn't make mathematical sense, but it is true. There is something infinitely more mature about 6 than 5.

Traditional Birthday Breakfast Cake

Birthday Lunch at School (Homemade Mac n Cheese, Grapes, and Chocolate Milk per request)

Birthday Kindergartener

See the wall behind her? That's the birthday wall. In her class, the sign goes up on your birthday and you get to write you name on the board for the day. Every other student has just written their name. Abrielle used every color available to not only write her full name, but to decorate and illustrate it as well. That's my girl. Always a little something extra to make things pretty.

Birthday cupcakes at school. Chocolate with pink and black frosting in sparkly silver cupcake wrappers...per request.

Hmmm....Wonder what's inside.
(Background = McDonald's...per request)

Yay!! A Secret Password Journal...per request, of course.
It can be programmed with a password of your choice and will only open to your voice saying it. Here that Carsten and Alyssa? You can scream "Polly Pocket" at that book all day and it WON'T OPEN. (So please stop screaming "Polly Pocket" at that book.) Abrielle is enjoying a little private space to draw and write and loves the secret compartment inside.

I'll post her birthday pics a little later. There are a lot of them.
Until then, here is a little snippet of Abrielle...

Age: 6
Colors: Pink, Purple, Black
Toys: Polly Pocket, Barbies, Razr Scooter
Food: Mac N Cheese, Chocolate Milk
Activities: Dancing...If there is music playing, some part of her
is bopping along. She can't help it.
Cupstacking (she's on the competitive team at school)
Friends: Everybody....Really, the girls is friends with everyone. Her besties, though, are Abby, Abby, Aubrey...and, of course, Alyssa.
(Note: Who would have thought that it a Kinder class of 18 there is an Abrielle, Abby L, Abby K, Abby ?, and Aubrey. No joke...That almost 1/3 of the class.)
Traits: This kiddo just wants the world to be pretty. If she could, she'd put ribbons, lace, and bows on everything. She is super competitive and can get pretty intense. She's my super helper and the best big sister ever...She loves helping take care of Greyson and Lyssi and is really responsible. She is also really independent and opinionated...but I wouldn't have it any other way.


Silent Giant said...
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stevenjared0853 said...

Awesome pictures!! It looks like a wonderful birthday bash. Well, we also had wonderful time in our niece’s birthday. They hosted a rocking party at some local San Francisco venues. There were amazing views in the party and the kiddos had wonderful time playing party games while enjoying tasty food.