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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gloriously Random....

Do you remember that commercial a couple of years ago with the little boy stuck in mid-cannonball above the swimming pool begging his mom to let him out of the digital camera? That's me. The whole downloading process has occasionally been a big pain in my derriere in the past, therefore I avoid it now and only seem to download when there is just no more room in my camera. (I usually discover this at very inopportune moments---like when I'm finally going to capture a picture of Alyssa smiling---didn't happen--"Memory Stick Full")

For this reason I present a delightful array of random pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Awww.....Look at my gorgeous family. No really, look at them. I am the luckiest, most blessed human being ever. Yes, ever!!!

Carsten's favorite way to watch the Science Channel. Seriously, the kid would rather watch the Science Channel than cartoons (unless we're talking Phineus and Ferb.) He is the sweetest big brother. His little sisters are so blessed.

Overheard just prior to taking this picture -- "When you're bigger, maybe you can have the purple cup, but the pink stuff is always mine." That's it Abrielle, tell her the rules while she's too young to argue.

Halloween 2008. Carsten wanted to be a fire-truck. Not a fireman. He was very clear on that. He wanted to be a fire truck. The lights of his fire truck actually work and flash red and blue. (I'm so cool!!) Abrielle wanted to be the "biggest prettiest pink flower." Alyssa has a matching costume, but it made her very, very angry. I guess she agrees with her dad and thinks you should be scary on Halloween, not cute --therefore she was a ghost, thanks to Aunt Marne'.

Sunday afternoon. Similar scenes play out upstairs. I love Sunday afternoon.

Thank you Melanie!!!! I love holiday stuff (I have socks for almost every holiday) and due to Jason's nagging I had resisted buying her anything for Thanksgiving. I was so excited when you sent this. (Jason just rolled his eyes.)

When in Rome......Texan Santa wears a ten-gallon. Where is Abrielle you ask? Running as far away from this dude as possible. Carsten asked Santa if that put her on the naughty list.

Blessing Day!!! Or as Carsten put it "Official Alyssa Day" Yes, I know the bonnet is a bit old-fashioned, but it came with the dress was had this really intricate ruffling and beading and was so cute. The place Grandma bought the dress from threw in matching fancy, lacy, beaded socks. Hand-Wash only socks. Seriously, the tag said "Hand-Wash Only" is large bold letters. Have you ever seen hand wash only socks before?

The Fam......I am so blessed!!!!

Did I mentioned blessed? (Blessed that occasionally they all look in roughly the same direction for a picture.)

Jason's birthday cake. Eight Layer Chocolate Mousse Cake with 4 layers of milk chocolate cake brushed with chocolate laced simple syrup, 2 layers of bittersweet chocolate mousse, 1 layer of white chocolate mousse, topped with dark chocolate ganache and garnished with white chocolate shavings. I love my husband!!!

He was very, very happy with the cake!!!!! I love you handsome!!!!!

There you have it, folks, a conglomeration of random pictures now allowed to escape from the confines of my camera and float out into the great web abyss. Enjoy!!!


Sam and Bria said...

I love the halloween costumes and I am very impressed with the cake. It looks like it took a lot of work.

Shelly said...

Not that bad, actually. I have, however, allowed Jason to believe that cake takes tremendous amounts of time and work. The last time I made it for him was his 1st Father's Day after Carsten was born.

Shelly said...

Not that bad, actually. I have, however, allowed Jason to believe that cake takes tremendous amounts of time and work. The last time I made it for him was his 1st Father's Day after Carsten was born.

Tamara said...

Ooohhh! I want the recipe for that cake. Maybe I can doctor it to be GF! I would love to get together, let me know what works for you. I can't wait to meet that new little cutie!

Catherine said...

Shelly, you are like wonder woman or something. You somehow manage to make everything yourself (get a good deal on the supplies), whip together complicated desserts in minutes, take adorable family pics when you all manage to look great at the same time. Are you human? Yes you are human, but you are awesome! Love the Flower, by the way! I also found it comical that Carsten was worrying about Abrielle being on the naughty list. What a turkey!

Bill and Mel said...

Yay for pictures!! :) It was so fun to see some family pictures and some more of the baby! I love the costumes and the blessing pictures. Her dress was SO pretty! And you guys all look so nice together. You are blessed. What a great family!

That cakes looks yummy!

Irish Cream said...

What a BEAUTIFUL family! And, some impressive photography, too :)

Wish I could've had a slice of that cake. YUM.

I LOVED Carsten's costume, too cute.

Can't wait to hear more from you!!