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Monday, November 24, 2008

'Ere you leave your bed.....

Special request to all my blog readers....Please pray hard for me Tuesday!!! I am taking my board recertification exam. It is a nasty little thing that I have to do every 6 years...this is my first recert. I am praying for a baby that sleeps well tonight, doesn't mind the bottle tomorrow, and enough pumped milk to meet her needs. (Bad mommy didn't start pumping until last week. After all the pumping I did while working with the first two, I just couldn't bring myself to pump sooner that I had to....One week of strep throat later and the freezer isn't exactly full...)

At this point I just want to take the test and call it done. I don't even care if I pass, I just want to be done. OK, so that's a lie, but something about saying it makes me feel more in control.

Here's to multiple choice!!!

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Bill and Mel said...

Hope it went well! At least it was before Thanksgiving so you can now relax and enjoy the holiday! :)