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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Now with pictures!!!!

Ta-Da.....We have released the many pictures from the rouge camera and are now able to post them for your viewing pleasure. So without further adieu.......

Alyssa's Birthday Photo....She looks very intent.

I love this picture!!! She just looks so peaceful.

The Tremendous Trios first meeting!

My girls. Aren't they gorgeous?

Alyssa's coming home outfit. We took the kids to pick it out and there was a heated debate. Abrielle wanted pink, purple, and frilly, Carsten wanted brown. It's his favorite color--brown like the chocolate in harlie and the Chocolate Factory. This was the diplomatically chosen happy medium. Too cute!!

Aaahhhh Sunday morning. Aren't they clean? Aren't they pressed? Don't they look like little angels? (Doesn't Alyssa look a bit squished?)

Happy Halloween!!! As Carsten put it "My pumpkin is the scary one, Abrielle's is the happy one, and Alyssa's is asleep."

At the pumpkin patch. I have no idea what is in Abrielle's hand...maybe it's a ghost!!!

I had to throw this one in. Able to reach fruit snacks three shelves up, drink chocolate milk in a single gulp, and carry 7 stuffed animals friends all at once....This is "Super Princess!" She can be spotted at various locations around Round Rock including the grocery store and Target as she insists on always wearing her uniform as to fully protect her secret identity.

More pics to come......


Julia Deaver said...

Your kids are so cute!

kam said...

hey thanks for the invite!! i love the blogging world although i'm not so faithful a blogger sometimes...

isn't it amazing how grown up a sibling looks when there's a new baby? i know it's been a couple of months but aubrielle looks so big all of a sudden!

Bill and Mel said...

Love the pictures! Alyssa is very cute. Abrielle looks so much older. I can't get over it. I still remember her so much younger.

I looks like you guys are having tons of fun.

I'm so glad you posted pictures!!