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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gloriously Random, Verse 2...

I am a terrible blogger, I know. Life has just been way, way too crazy lately.....Sorry Blogosphere! Until I gather my thoughts and organize my pics into cohesive topics, here for your viewing pleasure is another edition of Gloriously Random....Enjoy!!!

My girls on Valentine's Day...And yes, on laundry day I actually have a pink load!!!

My hot date to the elementary school Valentine's Day Dance!!!

Did I mention I dated the Hamburglar???

One day, we were discussing how kids look kind of like their parents. I mentioned that my mom often says that Carsten looks so much like me that she wants to put a dress on him...Then next thing you know, THIS comes around the corner.....Sorry's a little freaky...I think I'll keep him in pants....although I will save this for future blackmail use.....

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!! We celebrated with Cat in the Hat Hats and green eggs and ham for dinner!!!

"Here's your sign!" It's official...Jason has hung out his shingle, or his 6 x 3 aluminum as the case may be. However, since the Crew involved is no more, a new shingle (or aluminum) will soon be on order....more to come!!!!

Day at UT!!! We spent an entire Saturday exploring activities at UT. They had it divided into an Arts track, Cultural track, Longhorn track, Science track, or Engineering track. Of course, we spent the whole day on the Science and Engineering track--my little engineer would have it no other way. This is Carsten and Jason building a structure from marshmallows and toothpicks. Notice their trusty assistant sampling the building material for quality (Yum!)

Then they tested their structures on an earthquake table...Carsten's only lost one toothpick!!! (And yes, the design was his--Jason just helped with the ultra sticky marshmallows)

Abrielle even built one---Hers lost a few more toothpicks and 'mallows.

Sea World!!! I'll post more later....

The PJ Trio outside the San Antonio Temple....No, I don't make it a habit of taking my kids to the Temple in their pajamas...It was late and we were heading home...Night, Night time in the car!!!

Just because I love this picture!!! (By the way, she dressed herself..)

Alyssa and her friend Maj-Lis (pronounced My-Lees....isn't that a pretty name?) Alyssa LOVES Maj-Lis. They talk and play and pass toys back and forth. Too cute!!!


Way Cute!!!

Seriously Cute!!!

And Goodnight!!!


Catherine said...

Shelly, great minds think alike, except my random blog entries are up to number 75 or something like that. Your kiddos are not only entertaining, but also so sweet. What a great family. I approve of Maj-Lis' buddy. The kids are already asking if they get to go back to play yet.

Bill and Mel said...

Yay for pictures!!! Love them all. Especially the one of Carsten and Abrielle passed out on the hotel bed.

It looks like you guys have been doing lots of really fun things. No wonder you haven't had time to update! :)

Alyssa is getting big!

Congrats to Jason on the new work sign! Hope everything goes well!

Rohan and Jenifer Shearer said...

Ok so what happened to your kids! Wow - they've grown up so much! Love all the pictures.