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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Road Trippin' -- Johns Reunion and Natural History Museum

So, now we're at Grandma's!!! Day one....The Johns Family Reunion. I don't know why I don't have pictures of this. I distinctly remember taking some. When I'm more awake, I'll hunt more (in the video camera perhaps???) They have to be somewhere....Anyway, we had a great reunion with my mom's side of the family. Sadly, not nearly as many people came as I would have hoped, but it was great nonetheless to see cousins I hadn't for years. Afterward, we drove up Brigham City to Peach City Diner for fabulous ice cream. Yummy.....

Day two was Sunday....Church, family visiting, Sunday dinner (yum!).....

Day three...acting like a tourist begins. I spent a few weeks before the trip searching for free/cheap stuff to do in Utah that I had never done. You know, the stuff tourist do, but locals often don't. My family, being locals, had not done most of it, so we got to drag them along.....

1st stop--Utah Museum of Natural History---Mondays are free during the summer. My Mom, niece, Kodi, and sister, Ranel, and her family came and it was great. 70% of the exhibits are hands on! My kids love putting their hands on stuff!!

Hmmm....I wonder if my Princess kissed this frog, what would happen???

Mom and Kodi going Native...I could NOT get mom IN the teepee. I'm not sure why she is anti-teepee, but she refused. Kodi, on the other hand, folded her 5'9'' self into this studio-teepee space. What a sport.

Kaylee, Abrielle, Carsten, and Korbin's legs

Making a Cox/Gallini Witches brew....Yummy!
(Carsten, Korbin, Abrielle)

Carsten in a dino-footprint...

Abrielle checking out the fossils. They had a working paleontology lab
onsite with various fossils at different stages of preservation and casting,
plus a lot of small castings you could touch and hold.

I have no idea what they were watching, but I'm not sure Carsten is enjoying it
and Abrielle is apparently a little nearsighted....

Dino-Dig Pit

Delicate work....

They had a large basin filled with little multi-colored plastic beads
and water entering at different points. By watching the effect the water had
on the different "landscapes" who made with the beads,
you learned how
"water can break stuff up and make a mess of things you build"
according to Carsten.

Watch out for the Raptors!!!!
(Carsten, Korbin, Kaylee)

Seriously, Watch out!!!
(Abrielle, Korbin, Kaylee)

After the museum, we went to a little park nearby and had a great picnic. Thanks Grandma, Kodi, Ranel and family for coming with us!!!

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