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Monday, February 15, 2010

Is it too much to ask?

"What are you up to?" she asked.

"Eating a piece of my kids Valentine's Day candy," I honestly replied.

"What?!? That's so wrong...I would never do that. Don't you feel guilty for eating their candy?"

You've never done that? Guilty? What?

I always snitch in my kids candy. Valentine's, Easter, Halloween, Christmas. You name it, I've snitched in it. Do I feel guilty at all about this? Not a bit.

I gave birth to them. Feed them. Clean up all manners of bodily function from assorted body parts and locations. I provide a house over your head. Teach and enforce manners, rules, job lists, the Ten Commandments, and basic human decency. I help with homework every night...including Wednesdays. I wash, scrub, transport, enroll, cheer, and love. I make them eat their veggies, brush and floss, and hold them vaccinations and tests. I cry with them, for them, and because of them. I smile with them, for them, and because of them.

And for all this, I ask only for all of your 3-Musketeers and M & M's.......

Nope, guilt at all....


Bill and Mel said...

I do it too, Shelly! :)

Melissa said...

Now THAT was perfect! I love it! You go eat all the 3-musketeers your little heart desires, girl! No judgment here.