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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Conceptional Boredom -- I Think Not...

There is a particular parent at Carsten's school who is quite outspoken, involved, and vocal about....well anything really. Volunteers at the school hours a day, tells you all about her one and only child and why they wanted it that why followed by comments about how difficult it is with one and only child and how she just can't wait for said child to grow up, have a clue, and appreciate all that is done for her and how wrong it is to have more than one because the only way to raise a child is to give all your time and energy to said child.

She is a very nice person, just shares a bit much.

Less is more.

Enter Last-Day-of-School Festivities. Someone comments on how their current pregnancy was a "boredom conception" -- she was bored one evening and ended up with baby#2. Parent-of-One (PoO) comments that "Shelly must get bored an awful lot. Maybe we should find her something to do before she gets bored again. She'll just keep having more and more and more! "

(Kudos for tongue control, Shelly, kudos.)

For the record, PoO, I was not bored before, during or after any of my conceptions.

I have 3 kids because, darn it, I wanted them. And I'm good at it. Have you seen them? Seriously, I (and God) are really, really, good at this. (Ok, so I obviously have to given some credit to Jason's genetic material, particularly for Abrielle). My kids are gorgeous, smart, hysterical, random, creative beings, and I got to be involved in creating them. You should do what you're good at, and obviously, I'm good at this.

Now, I'm not commenting on my ongoing parenting skills (which revolve too much around threats and cold cereal), but my initial work in creation -- perfection!!!

So, PoO, and all others out there who feel the need to comment on my "large" family....keep it to yourself. My 3 doth not a Fertile Myrtle make....3 is not a big number. Check your math skills. 12, 451 .... That's a big number. 3 is not.

And if I decide to have 1, 2, or 6 more....I will.....

No boredom involved.


Big Bahama Mama said...

I hope you have a dozen more! And I'm glad PoO stopped with one. My thought is that if someone is going to have one child, they'd better have at least two. It makes for better parents and better children.

Irish Cream said...

One is kinda sad.
Two is do-able, and definitely more fun.
Three is a party and the point when you know you're a REAL parent.
Four is just icing on the cake.
I cannot even imagine what five, or six or seven are, but BOREDOM cannot even remotely come into play!

I wish you could've had some quick witted quip ready for them that would've made PoO and Bored-Mom think about how having more than one child is challenging, rewarding, and oh-so-worth it from pre-conception right on through to present day.

My husband says, (a paraphrase of his mother's philosophy- she had 6 children), "You're not a real mom until you have more kids than hands".

I wonder of PoO is more bored than she realizes- if she has so much time to volunteer and flap her mouth about things that are none of her business...

Catherine said...

I got this at Walmart a couple of weeks ago (by an elderly woman on a "jazzy") ---you know the whole "you've got your hands full" comment----I get that one all the time, but it was followed up by an "are they ALL yours?" Usually I would make some sweet deflective comment about my hands being full and happy, but this time, she got something to the effect of "there are only 3---its not like there are 8 of them, and if there were, it wouldn't be your business. (I promise to bite my tongue better next time)