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Monday, June 7, 2010

Blah, Blah, Blah...

I fell blah. Not sad, not happy, in the middle.

It's really bugging me. I'm not a middle-ground kind of girl.

If I'm going to be sad, bring on the tears. If I'm going to be happy, hand me the chapstick. But, blah....just not my thing.

So tonight, in the middle of paying bills, balancing checkbooks and listening to this cathartic song, I wrote down 5 things that made me smile today. Quickly. As in, I didn't really think about it, I just wrote them the margins of the cell phone bill.

Here we go.... (with a little explanation)

1. Frustrated Alyssa -- She sucks her thumb and has started wanting to sleep on top of stuffed animals. Yes, on top of them. She currently had 3 favorites that she must figure out how to shove under her body prior to inserting thumb, accepting blankie placement and settling down to sleep. 2 of the favorites are about as big as she is. It's hysterical watching her figure it out.

2. Sneaking nephew -- Like something off of Looney Toons. Arms in short-arm T-Rex pose, knees bent, hunchback up, on tip-toes.

3. Out of breath guy -- He was on a bike pulling a bike trailer. He'd probably been far and worked hard but I giggled. Very wrong of me. Bad Shelly.

4. Sleeping kids -- I took Alyssa and my 2 nephews to the splash park today for play group (Thanks Christa!) On the way to the car, they kept protesting the mere suggestion of a nap. They were all asleep before I pulled out of the parking lot.

5. Pancakes -- I love breakfast food. I love eating breakfast food for dinner. I love making my family breakfast food for dinner. I love that my kids love eating breakfast food for dinner and that Jason tolerates it.

So now I feel less blah, but still blah, but it's less, so that's better.

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