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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Reasons Why "Pretty Princess" Rocks.....

1. She carries entertainment with her at all times....The Finger People! Think finger puppets but without the puppets. They carry on elaborate conversations and tonight were at "Six Flags" while I dried her hair.

2. 1 Part High Fructose Corn Syrup Sweet + 1 Part Habanero Pepper Spice ... Nothing subtle about her

3. That hair! Those cheeks! That smile! What a mix of genetics...Don't quite know how that result was produced, but, man is she gorgeous!

4. She has never passed a flower that she didn't pick ... and give to her mom! (Sorry, neighbors...)

5. The mind doesn't stop. She wants to learn and know everything. Especially if it has to do with reading or music/dance.

6. Everything is pretty in her world. I swear she doesn't even see the trash, just the beautiful sparkly reflection off of the can.

I'm lucky...

...and I love my Pretty Princess