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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Reasons Why "The Big C" Rocks....

1. He's a rock star....Seriously, Bon Jovi, that mop headed Bieber kid.....That's nothing compared to the response Big C gets from taking the trash outside, putting it into the compactor, and returning to the apartment. Screaming female fans await him at the door.

2. He (almost) never has to put his own shoes away...Because for some reason he has convinced his baby sister it's awesome to put brother's shoes in the closet.

3. He can entertain himself for days with a piece of cardboard, a used straw, tape, and a crayon (now know as GI Joe's rescue boat)

4. He tries anything...Take him to the grocery store and he'll find something new he wants to try...Rabe, Bok Choy, Brussel Sprouts, some sort of cactus....He wants it in our cart.

5. He can do the robot like he's screwed together and battery operated (Duracell of course...) Seriously, it's awesome.

6. He has the biggest heart...ever.....Huge!!!! You can't see it all the time. It's sort of a blur due to the rapid body movement. But the kid has a huge heart and loves....he just LOVES....If you are loved by The Big C, your are lucky, because he can really, really LOVE.

I'm lucky....

...and I love MY Big C!

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