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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Afraid to answer the phone at work today...

11:00 am -- "Mrs. Gallini, we're calling to tell you Abrielle just isn't quite herself at preschool today. You don't need to pick her up, but we wanted to let you know."

12:00pm -- "Mrs. Gallini, Abrielle has spiked a temperature of 102.6F, has crawled under the teachers table and refuses to come out. Can you come pick her up?"

12:30 pm -- "Honey, the school said they couldn't get a hold of you so they called Papa. Carsten has a fever of 103.6F and they wanted permission to give him Motrin. We need to pick him up."

3:00pm -- "The kids are all asleep, but other than the fever, no complaints."

7:00pm -- "Honey, the kids are now both complaining of sore throats and have spots and gunk in their throats. What do you want me to do?"

7:30pm -- "Honey, I made it to MinuteClinic in Round Rock. They're running the strep tests, but Carsten threw up all over the clinic and Abrielle almost did. I'll let you know what the test show."

Drama always happens when Mommy has to work. My poor kiddos are so sick.

Today, I am so thankful for Daddy's who had the afternoon off, awesome colleagues who stayed late and didn't even flinch when my son vomited all over the clinic and everyone in it (Bless you, Lance!!!!), Motrin, Amoxicillin, soft waffles, hand sanitizer, apple juice and the RedBox.


Irish Cream said...

Oooo, that is one ROTTEN DAY! I hope the kiddos get well quickly. I strongly believe antibiotics are a Miracle and Gift from God (yes, capitals are required).

I hope you all sleep well and feel better quickly!

Melissa said...

Um...well, have fun with that. Hope they get well soon.
Sick kids=zero fun! You're supermommy so they're in good hands.

Catherine said...

So is it strep? Poor Gallinis!

Shelly said...

yep....They both had strep....I sent Jason in this morning and now he has strep, too.. Alyssa and I are in self-imposed quarantine.