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Monday, May 3, 2010

Things that aren't funny.....

1. Boys who break one bone per year of school
2. Dogs who push boys off of the 2nd floor of the play scape. (OK, so that's a little funny...)
3. Boys who have a goal to break more bones than his dad (I believe that count is at 4 or 5)
4. Toddlers who face plant into asphalt the week they're scheduled for pictures
5. Little girls with BIG estrogen.
6. Apartment kitchens with no pantry.
7. Patients who get all of their medical advice from Dr. Oz...and apparently only watch the previews (Note to readers: occasional gas after eating at Chuy's is not diagnostic of colon cancer)
8. Letters that come 3 days after the deadline of being out of your rental house saying they've decided to extend your deadline until October.
9. Lawyer husbands who think # 8 is funny.


Big Bahama Mama said...

New career for you: reality sitcom.

Wendy said...

OHHH my gosh! That stinks! But, we're happy your still in the ward :)

Bill and Mel said...

Oh my gosh! #8!!

I always seem to have a kid that messes up their face right before pictures too. Why is that?!